Custom Depth on Mobile .. How?

The release notes on 4.14 have the following image. UE4 now supports custom post process on mobile.

I’ve been waiting for this forever, but still have no idea how to get this up and running. Can someone explain how I can get an outline effect on occluded actors as shown in the image in android?

The only reference I could find on this is Tom Looman’s blog where he uses a post process blendable to get an outline. While this works in the editor, his material is still not working on android. Any ideas why?

In case anyone is interested I was able to get this to work on mobile using M_Highlight material that used to be in the content samples in earlier versions. It is however a rather expensive operation with a noticeable effect on fps.

Thanks for the info. Could you be more specific as to how you’ve made it work for Android. Did you use the same procedure as described in the Tom Looman’s tutorial? Also could you tell me if you still remember what was the impact on the performance? Was it like 5-10 fps drop or more?

Anyone tried this for iOS AR? I’m getting the whole screen colored (line color) by now and can’t figure out what to do. Shader looks fine in Unreal editor ES3_1 (iOS) Preview.

Ok, I sorted it out, my Tom Looman based shader was way to complicated to work on mobile. But Custom Stencil still doesn’t seam to work on device (Ipad Pro iOS 12). Instead of ids the whole Custom Stencil pass is 0.

Hi, Custom Depth still doesn’t work on mobile. Could you please explain more on how you’ve made it work ?
thank you very much.