Custom Depth Blur Edges Bleeding

Hi guys, i am trying to create fog of war for my rts game based on some youtube tutorial, though i run into problems… currently i am rendering whole game canvas to render texture and creating it all dynamicly in rts camera, then project it to viewport with “draw material” node when level is started. Fog of war is created by custom depth buffer with postprocess material which i move then to game canvas (render target) as texture object, the idea is to use it as mask and blur it, then lerp with second render target and get acceptable results. All works fine except i got edges bleeding, spent 3 days to get rid of it, tho i have no idea how to fix this problem, for some reason using spiralblur with customdepth texture gives such effect, in some tutorials written that this problem is only in editor and not packaged games, but it’s not, problem exist even after this. I tried to set render target coordinates to clamp, it didn’t help either. I also tried to use gaussianblur node that was suggested somewhere in comments, tho it’s not bluring enough and higher weights results to artifacts, i have no idea how to use it propertly or any other way, if you have any ideas, please, help.