Custom collision handling override for spawning

You can create an array of spawn points and create a manager to control. Place the spawn points from each other at a safe distance. When a player or (s) spawns, tell the manager that this point is busy and redirect the respawn to another point. Thus, you will create a queue for the spawn and you can counter it.

I have set up a checkpoint system that works fine for the most part. The spawning collision handling override is set to " try to adjust location but always spawn" for players (and ai), as this works best so far since its fairly frequent that players or ai spawns nearly at the same time. Now this is sort of okay, but what this does is when theres a new spawn at the checkpoint, the next will spawn on top of the existing one - its pretty funny but not really ideal. I’d like to set up a collision handling override to adjust spawning on the other two axis instead of Z - so the new spawns dont end up on top of each other but rather next to each other.
Any idea on how to do that?

Before you spawn check whether there’s an obstruction, either via a line-trace or a sphere overlap.

  • if nothing has been detected - spawn
  • if there’s an undesirable entity present, get its location and add an offset to that vector equal or greater than its bounding box. You could use cardinal world axis direction for that or forward / right vector of the detected actor if you want to spawn actors in formation. Optionally, also check if that new location is free - may be redundant depending on how it’s all set up space-wise.

If the Player / AI size can differ you’d need to also account for the size of the newly spawned actor whose dimensions can be retrieved from its Class Defaults.

The ai is more or less the same size (just as the players) so I can set a specific unit as an offset. I have to check if a collision overlap will work as its really easy for multiple player or ai to die and respawn at the exact same time
I don’t really know if anything else might exist in ue to switch axis maybe for the adjust location of the spawn node

There is no single setting you can flip to make it work automagically. Here’s a rudimentary almost pseudo-script that will find a nearby spot in case the Ideal is already taken:

Image from Gyazo

Above, if the middle bit is taken, it spawns stuff around it. This can be vastly improved; or another direction taken altogether… Having a manager that controls the spawn slot availability could be a pretty good idea, as suggested by VRX digital.

The correct approach would depend on the details.