Custom collision channel on skeletal mesh?


I need to use a custom collision channel on a skeletal mesh and can’t find anything to do this.

The closest i found are the collision panels for each component in the physics asset, but they only allow to switch the collisions on/off.


Can anyone point me in the right direction ?


Hello ,

It looks like you can make use of collision channels by adding the skeletal mesh to a Blueprint. (Currently examining the hands in the VR example)

Hope this helps!

Same Problem

Create an empty actor blueprint

Add/Set skeletal mesh component

Modify custom collision settings on skeletal mesh in BP

Can you please explain, what behavior you need in the end? I have few solutions, but don’t know, what can help you.

Hey Lun,

Thanks for your help but 's answer did it for me so it’s all right :slight_smile:


Hello ,

Thanks a lot, i could do what i needed with your answer :slight_smile: