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just wanted to show off this character. It is part of my current marketplace project, a custom character creator. With this system you’ll be able to create characters like this:


Let me know what you think! More info coming soon.

I have been waiting and waiting for this to hit lol … This looks like (since its the only one that will be there) it will be a solution for anyone needing this type of thing. I know my team is excited and awaiting the marketplace release on this… has it been submitted or this still a work in progress?

Also - will this have male and female variations?

It has been submitted to Epic.

A female isn’t included at the moment, but it is planned for a future update.

Didn’t really like the hair. So I added the hair example from Epic:

order66 - this is looking great man!

Question about the creation system: is this going to be something like an Asian MMO where we get sliders for size and weight and such? Or is this going to be more of the World of Warcraft style where you get 1 body type, and, different hair styles, faces, piercings, etc?

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