Custom Character with Custom Skeleton

I have been looking through the existing Documentation online and cant find anything about setting your own Custom Player Mesh/Skeleton and Animations.

I am building my project from scratch and so far every guide is based on existing content.
Any help out there?

If you’re wanting to import your own characters with their own skeletons, all you have to do is export the skeleton and all parts of the mesh (doesn’t have to be one piece) as FBX and then import it. If you’ve exported properly, the UE4 importer will default to “Skeletal Mesh” up at the top (between Static & Animation). For animations, you only need to export the baked-out skeleton as an FBX and it will default to Animation, then you just select which of your existing character skeletons the animation is for.

Hope that helps. The documentation does actually go over the workflow for creating your own characters here:

FBX Skeletal Mesh Pipeline

Animation System

Thanks, i looked over them before, must of passed over where it says adding it in as the player mesh.