Custom C++ UActorComponent does not show up in BP Editor

I have been working with custom C++ components since before 4.7 and had scripted a couple of C++ UActorComponents

These had been working fine and could be added to any of my blueprints in the editor
Yes, I did add the


tag as we usually would, but since updating to 4.7.1 the component does not show up in the “Add Component” menu for the BPs. Any other asset that already had the custom component given to them prior to update, still has it and it functions properly (ticks, events, etc)…

Is this a bug?

Same here, i can’t derive a blueprint from a custom UActorComponent, it just doesen’t show on the list of the available classes.

I also cannot get my custom C++ components to show up in the Blueprint Add Component menu. I derive from USceneComponent, which should inherit all the same UCLASS() specifiers. I’m using version 4.8.3. Has there been any insight into this?

You need this

UCLASS(ClassGroup = (Custom), meta = (BlueprintSpawnableComponent))

Thank you. I assumed the meta specifiers were inheritable from the USceneComponent. This works now.

I know you’re well past caring, but to make it so your custom C++ class can be subclassed in BP, you need to add a Blueprintable specifier on your C++ class. Eg:

UCLASS(Blueprintable, ClassGroup = (Custom), meta = (BlueprintSpawnableComponent))
class MYGAME_API UMyCustomComponent : public USceneComponent
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