Custom Blueprint node doesn't show up after compile


I just managed to follow a tutorial on how to get custom blueprints to show. It worked and it shows up.

Then, I used another tutorial to get another blueprint of what I actually want to achieve (Get the names of assets inside folder in my game)

Here is the declaration on the header file.

And the cpp code

It all compiles just fine. But even after I restart the game again, the node fails to show up in the blueprint when I search for it. Even though the Project Version nodes does show up and works properly. I am stumped by this, as it compiles, and one of those does work. Anyone has an idea why the custom blueprint node fails to show up?

H download - Dropbox - File Deleted

CPP download - Dropbox - File Deleted


With a static library you will only have access to methods and properties that are marked as static in the header. You left “static” off the declaration of GetSongNamesInsideFolder:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, meta = (DisplayName = "Song Names Available", CompactNodeTitle = "SongNamesAvailable", Category = "System Information")
static TArray<FString> GetSongNamesInsideFolder();

Without “static” the method will only be available from object instances of your class.