Custom Blueprint Node C++ Error

Hello guys,

I’m trying to implement a custom node to get the project version in the editor, but I’m getting this error, can anyone help me? ):

I can’t be sure without more information, but are you missing an include? It seems like you may need to include ConfigCacheIni.h in your .cpp file so your function can know how the FConfigCacheIni struct is declared/defined.

Just one idea.

still doesn’t work ):

#include "Engine.h"

Include CoreGlobals.h and ConfigCacheIni.h

Also make sure GConfig is valid before using it to avoid a crash

#include "CoreGlobals.h"
#include "ConfigCacheIni.h"
// ...
if (GConfig) {

Tip: If you using Visual C++ more often, consider purchasing Visual Assist X plugin which greatly improves your experience while working with VC++ To find the above includes, i just had to right click add the include using the extension