Curved Ultrawide Gaming monitor or 3 gaming monitors for Unreal Engine 4?

So i have been seeing a ton of videos about ultra wide and curved monitors, so i was wondering if I should get 1 Curved ultra wide 144hz 34" 5ms monitor.{creative}%2C{keyword}&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIv6Dn8uaL1wIVyIV-Ch31eQQIEAkYAyABEgJyOfD_BwE&is=REG&m=Y&sku=1279019

Or 3 144hz 24" 1ms monitors.


If you’re serious about development, consider getting a screen with resolution greater than 1080p. This vertical limitation hurts in the long run, big time.

I’ve been using a 2560x1080 screen for 3 years or so now and while it’s great for gaming and watching movies, any serious application is a bit of a pain in the neck to use - it does feel cramped (or maybe I’m spoiled). Blueprints are even worse since anything moderately complex takes a silly amount of screen-space estate. Not trying to drive you away from 21:9 as there’s no coming back once you’ve tried it; just consider staying away from 1080p.

3440*1440 IPS 100Hz screens are out there but are crazy expensive at >$1000. That’d be the goal if I were to advise. You will not be able to run modern games at 144Hz at that resolution anyway and a jump from 60Hz to 100Hz is still pretty awesome. G-sync brackets are wider than freesync’s, making it easier for the GPU to take advantage of that technology.

Perhaps you can make it happen by getting a beefy 35" 3440*1440 main screen and a single secondary display, a decent 27" (1440p as well) at 60Hz but with good colour reproduction.

for Unreal you need a screen space, not only wide but height too. I would get 4k at least 34" or 36" as a primary monitor and one or two 24" as secondaries.,loc:2

You will get more screen space vertically and you will absolutely appreciate it! In windows I have 150% view scale. In 4.18 that just came out, it will scale Editor’s DPI properly, so you will have everything very nice, normal size, and very sharp. I used to have as a primary 26" dell monitor. Now I have Dell UltraSharp 4k UP3216Q as a primary and that 26" serves as a secondary (whole set up feels very similar as 26" next to 19"). My 4k is 32". If you can find at a good price a good 4K 34" monitor - take it. Most of them will be wide than regular 4K (and will not fit on my desk, that is why I chose 32"). 36" will not fit into my desk (it will hit book shelves), 40" might be too big at first, but a friend of mine actually uses 40" monitor in Unreal (he is a 3D designer). You get used to it very quick and shortly it will feel like you always had one :slight_smile:

Once I tried curved monitor - could not get used to it… May be on a distance it is fine, but on a desk IMHO flat is better. I usually sit about 80-100cm back from monitor.

How much of an effect will 4k have in the editor? And should i find a monitor that isn’t curved to lower the price and get 4k?

So you don’t recommend a curved monitor?

I personally would not. Also while designing something, you might want to see straight lines, not curved. May be watching videos curved is fine, but not for reading text or working in photoshop/3D editor.

Okay. Would you go for hertz over resolution? Or other way around?

Well, for 4K monitor you will need an appropriate video card and DisplayPort 1.2 @ 60Hz or latest HDMI that can handle 4K @ 60 Hz. Do not get anything less than 60Hz - you will kill your eyes over time with low refresh rate.

Resolution + bigger screen size → this is what I would go for. 60/120/240Hz refresh rate → there would be no difference making staff in UE. But screen size would make a big difference. Here is a screenshot of my desktop. See it yourself.

That’s awesome config you have! :slight_smile: I have i7-4790K and 980Ti. 32 GB Ram.
My next setup would be similar to yours, but I will definitely get 64 GB Ram. 32 is nice, but having opened couple UE4 projects, and occasionally photoshop takes all 32. Also, I have a ram disk for 8GB to keep temp files out of SSDs. Would increase it to 16 with new ram :slight_smile:

do you mean below $700 ?

$700 is tough…
but giving a budget: it is used, but all monitors will be used once you open them (I purchased mine as used - no regrets what so ever, just savings of almost $500)

or this one:

IMHO, also important is to get non-glossy screen. I just cannot stand when something is reflecting on my monitor. I used to have one of those. Will never get glossy again.

My graphics card and other components will be able to handle it lol. I’m getting an intel core i7-8700k with 1080 2-way sli. (Maybe 1 1080 but prob 1080 sli, but either way it’ll work.)

Will you send me a link to any monitors that will work that are 700 and below???

Okay. And yes a monitor that is either $700 or below that that you would recommend.

What is the difference between the two other than the BenQ monitor is IPS?

By tech specs they looks the same. I would believe it is all about colors, like is black is really black or grayish. I would take AOC with condition that I can return it if I don’t like it.

Should I do something like this?