Curve smoothing when importing from 3ds MAX to Unreal


I am new to Unreal Engine. I am trying to import a 3D vehicle model from STEP designed in Catia to 3DS Max and again should export that to FBX and import it to Unreal Engine 4.

When I import a 3D model from STEP to 3dsMAX 2016, I have used with the import property as change to mesh and kept the resolution to -4 or -5. But when I import to unreal, I couldn’t change the material and texture for it properly.

So I have changed the import property as “change to mesh as false” and imported it. But I didnt get the curve properly. I have googled it and tried with “turbosmooth”. It actually worked it in 3DS Max but when I export and import it to unreal, I didnt get the curve properly and windows have not imported properly.

I did the same process in 3ds Max 2015. But still I didnt get the curve in unreal but the windows are imported properly.

Is there any better techniques to maintain the original curve smoothness of objects when importing from STEP to MAX and then MAX to Unreal?

I can even give the model but I need some solution for it.

Please help me to find the solution for this issue if anyone have faced the same.

Thank you!!!


Can you provide screenshot with your problem?


I am very sorry for the delay and for the screenshot. I dont have previously generated files with me. So I tried to export and import the same file as before into unreal but the engine crashes. I have tried many times but couldnt able to import it. So what should I do now?

I faced with the same problem regarding the engine crash before but still I couldnt get any good answer and couldnt able to resolve it.

As I feel, I think the problem is with 3dsmax version 2016 but I am not sure. Because still I didnt get any good windows and vehicle wheels while I import to 3dsmax. So obviously when I export that into unreal, it will result the same. I am not sure whether I have understood right or wrong. The only thing that I didnt understand here is that, I was not able to change materials and textures after importing it into unreal.

So, I have tried with 3dsmax version 2015 and changed the quality of the mesh to high and that worked but the file size is too high. Do you know any idea about how to reduce the file size of fbx while exporting from 3dsmax to unreal? Please let me know.