Curtain material for a shadow play

Hi Everyone,

I am a beginner in UE4.23 and I would like to create a curtain behind which there would be a light source and some objects. Shadows of these objects would be visible to the player on the other side of the curtain. Just like in this picture below:


I have no idea how to achieve this effect… I was playing with Opacity settings for a new white material but it does not quite reflect what I want… The curtain should not allow the player to see what is on the other side. We want just the shadows and light around them.
Would anyone be so kind and shed some light (hehe) on how to obtain such a material? My curtain is a very thin cube, by the way.

Hey @anonymous_user_e67dbc4b , did you ever find a way to do this? Hoping to achieve something similar :slight_smile: