Cursor target?

Hi guys i have an idea for a feature in my game that is kind of hard to search for tutorials for i will try my best to explain …

ok so when my player is next to a body of water with a fishing rod in his hand i want to be able to spawn a crosshair system that is locked in the z axis but can move across the surface of the water so that the player can choose an area place their float i have no idea how to begin searching for this kind of feature . what should i be looking into guys any help is greatly appreciated

Well, the way I would do this is to create an Actor (your crosshair - be it a mesh/a texture or something else). Assuming your water is quite flat, the Z-coordinate of it would always be the same. The X/Y coordinates would change depending on the player input (e.g. mouse input). You could also retrieve the mouse position (Get Mouse Position | Unreal Engine Documentation) and work with it directly.

There are quite a few possibilities on how to solve this.