Current method for mapping Valve Index controls?

I’m updating an older project to 4.25 and cannot get any Input or Axis mappings to carry over to Steam for users with Index controllers.

Is there current documentation showing the correct method?

I have everything I need set up in the Input section of my project settings.

Using the buttons in the SteamVR plugin section, I get no files generated in the …/Config/SteamVRBindings folder.


Can someone point me in the correct direction, or describe the proper method for getting Index controllers to work?

Hi, did you figure this out? Some of my mappings work and some don’t (triggers are working, axis mappings aren’t)

I’m starting a new project in 4.25 and having the same issue.

I did fix this and updated a forum post I made, but forgot about this thread.

I contacted Valve support and was pointed to this thread which has the solution;

Now I have working thumbsticks on both Oculus and Index.

That worked, thank you! For others, the GitHub link got messed up in the comment so after it’s /ValveSoftware/steamvr_unreal_plugin/issues/142