Curious error in Rift CV1

Hi, e0dd9256cf0acfa202f33db945f223aee37f961b.jpeg
I am a beginner at Unreal and I develop an architectural project working with Rift Cv1, GTX 1060, I5 4 generation and 16 GB ram.

Two problems draw attention:

1- The resolution is good at a short distance (about 1 m), but everything that is at the far end, presents a poor resolution, the curious thing is that the whole scene is in LOD 0.

Is there a parameter that sets this resolution quality for long distance?

2 - As you can see in the picture, black sectors appear on the balconies of the buildings that are at the bottom (30 m approximately). The curious thing is that when I stare at the certain point of the balcony, there the image is normal, but on the sides of this Black.

I ask friends for these problems, thank you!