Curious about how to change an objects material.

So I’m trying to make a coil that is originally a plain metal heat up to an orange looking metal. So then it look as if the coil is hot. Could anyone point me in the right direction whether it be just a simple step by step or a tutorial some where? Thank you.

You will have to add some parameters in your material and then you will have to change them with matinee or bp:

Also, have a look at the Content Example level Blueprint Communication and go to the very last example (3.3).

It has three spheres, each with a different material (metal, wood, and ice), and you can shoot fire or water at them. If you shoot fire at it, the metal sphere glows for awhile, while the wood sphere starts to burn and char, and the ice starts melting.

The water just melts the ice slower as far as I can tell, but on the other two puts out the fire/cools the metal. It also demonstrates material wetting (the metal becomes smoother, the wood becomes darker).