Culling Objects not visible

How do I set that up?

I want to learn more about peformance, but i have no idea where to start. I watched the epic video, and they just talk about what it does. i didn see anything about where to set it up?

I want to make it where the game doesnt render anything out of the camera view. I tried the
r.VisualizeOccludedPrimitives 1

and it doesnt cull any of the foliage out of scene.

any help will be greatly appreciated!

Usually it is all set up automatic for you with frustrum culling - the view of the camera.
if you want to see that it is working or not, you can type freeze rendering in co sole and toggledebugcamera to have a look around.
before stopping pie make sure to re-type freeze rendering so that things start working as normal again.

Afaik there is no easy way to take over the frustrum culling with different settings.