Culling Distance only affects some of my Foliage Types, allthough they all share the same values

Hey Everyone!

Just when I thought I had the hang of the foliage tool, i encountered a new Issue.
For some reason, certain Foliage Types are not affected by the cull distance… No Matter what Values i put in, nothing changes.
The weird thing is that it is not a generalized thing…Some work, others don’t. Everything worked like it should, but then stopped for whatever reason.
I enabled at one point “Dithered LOD Transition” and I think the Issue started at this point. Again, Only affects some Assets. The Grass I have (eventhough i have Dithered LOD Transition enabled), works as it should and the culling does its job, For some other assets, such as my Stones, and Bushes, don’t. So I disabled the Dithering but no changes.

In Short; why are some of my Foliage Types not Culling away? what could be the reasons for that?

Here an picture of an example, no Idea if it helps haha link text

Thanks in Advance!! Stay safe!