Cubit Studios Ballistics VFX pack with example blueprints...

Hello everyone, I’ve just launched the Cubit Studios Ballistics VFX pack 1.0 on Gumroad, I’ll also be submitting to the UE4 marketplace soon. All future updates are included.

Earlier WIP videos…

Demo Map Work in progress:

Earlier work in progress:
Bullet time mode added:
Shrapnel Added to the explosion:


If you are making a game in unreal 4 there is a reasonable chance you may at some point feature projectile weapons. Irrespective of your games genre, when a projectile impacts something at high speeds you will invariably need impact particle effects.

How fortunate then that there is an entire selection here for you to utilize. And even more on the way in future updates. So this is where the Cubit Studios Ballistics FX pack swoops down, firmly takes your hand (slightly crushing your fingers) and whisks you away to a land of violent particles.

Version 1.0 has small/med/large impact FX for 31 materials… with more to come.
There are also ricochet FX, destruction fragment FX and a bonus grenade launcher with shrapnel - I will be expanding these areas in updates too.

To show the FX in action, I have included example pistol, assault rifle and large caliber ammunition blueprints, with an example material system and bullet ricochets. There is also a modified first person template with procedural recoil and basic weapon select/grenade launcher. Also included is a demo map with material examples ready to shoot (with bullet time mode). Of course, how you want to spawn the FX is entirely up to you - completely ignore the demo blueprints if you wish.

For the first update I’ll be adding muzzle flashes, a frag grenade, expanded bloods, bullet impact decals, an explosive canister BP and some more materials. Be sure to contact me for any requests you may have too and I may be able to squeeze them into the first update. The second update will include impact SFX and I’ll be introducing bullet penetration and exit VFX with associated blueprint examples.

Update 1.1 progress update “A”

I very cool pack, totally thinking of buying it.
I am creating a Sci-Fi FPS/TPS shooter and was just wondering how easy it would be for someone with very limited blueprint knowledge to implement something from this template [HorusHeretic's Advanced Weapon Blueprint (For unreal engine 4.10))] using your VFX pack to add projectile impacts to different weapons
or do you have plans to increase the weapon types of the VFX pack? More to my needs Sci-Fi weapon impacts?

Thank you

Wow. Amazing marketing, I must say. That’s some good stuff!

The effects look great, as well. You are including a lot with this… A bit out of my price-range, but if it were within it, I would definitely buy it. Keep up the good work!

I have tried adding the material (& phys mat) to BSP geometry in a blank level however at close range particles are not visible and long range only default particles are visible.

It seems the migration hasn’t transferred all of the blueprints which is causing the projectiles to not impact materials as expected. I have included some screenshot comparisons (rifle projectile) and I’m wondering if you could give me some pointers to recreating the blueprints so that my blueprints are not missing these key elements. I’m probably missing other key settings too(?), maybe migrating the projectiles etc could be covered in some future documentation or tutorials?




Hey guys, sorry for slow reply - I wasn’t aware but for some reason I had no subscription to this thread - I’ll get back with answers this evening for you all - and I’ll write you an email with assistance too Owen.


is this pack working now? Also what revision is it 1.1? Thanks

Yes, it’s already 1.1 on the gumroad version - marketplace version will be 1.1 very soon.

Everything works fine, it just needs to be migrated correctly to other projects - I have added instructions here:

Ok great, I’ll pick it up tonight. Are the other additions still being worked on btw?

Yes indeed - more stuff coming. My first priority now is revamping the example blueprints in order to make them more modular and easier to implement into peoples own projects. This is also a priority because the next FX I have planned requires inherent blueprint code, which want to make as easy to port as possible. Longer term, I’m planning on expanding the ballistics aspects to include penetration and associated FX.
An early prototype video of my work in that area is here:

For the next update 1.2, I’m improving the current liquid FX significantly, here is an early test particles with splatters:

I’d also like to add a shotgun to the weapon examples, because it’s suitably different and will likely need custom decals and FX.

Although 1.1 added some bullet impact decals, I’m planning on improving them in 1.2 and adding new aspects too.

That’s not everything, but that’s some examples off the top of my head :slight_smile:

Dear God that projectile pen video! Keep up the good work!

Exactly what I was looking for! Since this is a VFX pack, this can be used for any type of game camera? Third person specifically?

Yep, certainly not bound to any genre/camera type. You could use the FX for any kind of game, even though the example project is first person. Although I originally intended the pack to be just FX, with the example blueprints there for showcasing, it appears that a lot of people want to use at least a portion of the example blueprints in thier games. So for the next update I am revamping the example blueprints to make them as easy as possible for implementing into projects. For instance, an FX spawning blueprint that you just spawn via a spawn by class node, which will contain inputs. At the bare minimum you can just wire in any ‘hit result’ (raycast, projectile hit, collision etc) into it and it’ll handle spawning the particles, decals and sound.

That couldn’t be any easier for the user. Thank you and, great work!

Ok, update 1.1 should now be up on the marketplace too! I’ll be submitting a 4.12 version this week (there are some issues to rectify from engine changes from .11 to .12). Then it’s onwards with 1.2 update.

Uber excellent promotional video!

These look pretty nice, might pick them up and save having to do it myself if I can spare the dosh. Good stuff!

Thanks a lot TheJamsh :slight_smile:

Just picked this up on sale, great pack, looking forward to the blood decals in 1.2 version these look really nice

Most awesome pack. I picked it up yesterday on the Summer Sale and got around to looking at it today. Looking forward to seeing those improved decals in the pack!

Wow these look fantastic, unfortunately out of my price range though. Have you thought of maybe breaking this down into smaller packs? I am really interested in the blood particle in particular, but it is a tad excessive to buy the whole pack for it. I would buy it if it was on gumroad (so you dont have to wait for Epics approval and cuing) if thats any help.