Cubemaps no longer work

So I have a map setup with Distant Field AO and Soft Shadow. Ever since I activated Distant Field AO with the Skylight, all of my cubemaps were being ignored. I’ve also disabled static lighting since the sun is dynamic and goes from day to night. As seen in this screenshot, its reflecting the cubemap generated by the Skylight and ignores EVERYTHING else. This causes problem with making dark rooms look bright if it has any specular/roughness value.


Is this a known issue with Distance Field AO and Dynamic Lighting? I tried searching everywhere and no one covers any issue with cubemap being overridden by the skylight.

Thanks for any assistance.

PS: Yes, the Spherical Reflection Actor’s Influence Radius covers many different sizes and doesn’t change any reflections on any problem, both static and moveable. No, clicking Update Captures does nothing.

Have you tried rebuilding your level since activating DFAO? I ran into an issue a while back where my cubemaps disappeared, then reappeared after I rebuilt all. See if that works.