CubeMap Reflections Causing Problems

So I’m currently working on a dynamically lit scene and everything seems to be working correctly except that the cube map is being reflected in my puddle reflections and its causing a lot of inconsistencies in the scene.

I’ve attached a 2 screenshots to illustrate my trouble. The image on the left shows the problem and how the reflection is way off, the one of the right is alright and can get away with it, but I’m curious if there is any sort of way to keep the cube map to help light the scene but disable it from being picked up in my reflections?

I’ve been experimenting with adding multiple spot/point lights to mimic the bounce lighting the cube map creates, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated



I don’t think you need cubemaps for that, since it’s flat you can use a 2D reflection map and it would work better.