Cubemap Blend node causes translucent materials to 'pop' during transition

Hello community! I am having an issue with using translucent material types with a Cubemap Blend node. I have a water material, and have a Cubemap Blend node being ran on my Skylight.
The blend works perfect for opaque, or most other material types, however when using translucent material types (for water for example) it produces a ‘pop’ in to the new Cubemap, instead of blending into the new cubemap. Or rather it partially blends, then pops at the end. I have enclosed a link to a YouTube video detailing the problem. Any help is appreciated!

Blend is disabled on translucent materials.

Can I enable it? Or is there another work around? All I am trying to do is get the water to blend with the cubemap assigned to my skylight. The only other way I have found so far is to recapture the cubemap from scene every so often, which results in a hitch.

You can edit the shader to enable it, but it is subject of several limitations.

Ok, is there documentation for this or something? Can you point me in the right direction?