Cube Maps


I was wondering if anyone could recommend a tutorial for creating cube maps in UE4.

I have read the documentation but find it hard to conceptualise the correct cutting and rotation of an lat long image.
Our IT department are also less than enthused to load old unsupported Amd / Nvidia plugins and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a tool that converts panoramic HDR images to the format required .

Sorry if this has been asked before.


Check out a photoshop filter called flexify 2.

In general you can make cubemaps in UE4 without knowing any of that. you just place a cube capture, specify a render target, right click the target in CB - > Make static texture.

Hi Ryan, thanks for the suggestion regarding the cube capture .

I presume that if I wanted to create a HDR map like the epic office for example ( advanced light stage ) then I would need to use something like Flexify?