Cube map problem ortho camera

Hi, Im trying to work out how to make the cube map reflections display correctly in the orthographic cameras. Im using the sidescroller starterpack for the unreal engine

For my purposes I need the cube map to render much more ‘flat’ than it is so that the top and sides do not show up on a flat wall.

The following image is form the perspective camera and how I would like the ortho cam to look, you can only see the front cube face wich is good:

This image below is from the ortho cam and you can see that the cube map is not ‘zoomed’ in enough or something so you can see the side cube faces which is bad.

I hope I have explained it well enough to understand. I basically need the ortho cam cube maps reflections to have a shorter FOV. The current FOV for the cube map reflection in the ortho cam seems far too high and actually increases, the further away the player cam is.

There also seems to be other lighting issues with the ortho cameras but ill get this problem sorted first. I know that unreal 4 has known unfixable issues with ortho cameras but im hoping this one can be fixed.


I have also discovered that the cube map reflection does not actually follow the camera position. For example when in game I walk to the left, the cube map reflections will be stuck and drift off to the right of the screen.