CSM on VR: how to enable?


can anybody offer me some tips on how to resolve the following:

There is a stubborn difference between how my scene is rendered in VR, and how my scene is rendered in normal preview: Somehow, Cascaded Shadow Maps are disabled in VR (VIVE), which presents itself as light leaking on the edges of Static Meshes. In normal (non-VR) view, everything is fine.

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? I’ve tried:

  • Moveable vs. stationary DirectionalLight
  • Increasing the Dynamic Shadow Distance (value is set to a high level, 50k)
  • Building blackbodies around the subject to block the light
  • Not rendering the light makes the issue go away (so it’s caused by the sun light)

VR (the light leaks are visable on the edges of the room):

Regular view:

Thanks so much, and for those living in the US: happy thanksgiving and greetings from Italy.