CSM not working in VR


can anybody offer me some tips on how to resolve the following:

I have a scene with an inside and an outside. Outside, I have a pretty basic setup with a directional light (the sun). Inside, I’m using only static lights at the moment.

There is a stubborn difference between how my scene is rendered in VR, and how my scene is rendered in normal preview: Somehow, Cascaded Shadow Maps seem to be disabled in VR (VIVE), which presents itself as light leaking on the edges of Static Meshes. In normal (non-VR) view, everything is fine.

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? I’ve tried:

Moveable vs. stationary DirectionalLight (there's no difference)
Increasing the Dynamic Shadow Distance (value is now set to a high enough level, 50k, for both Movable and Stationary, there's no difference)
Building blackbodies around the subject to block the light (no difference)
Not rendering the light makes the issue go away (so it's caused by the sun light)

VR (the light leaks are visable on the edges of the room):

Regular view is giving the expected result:

did you have the error with an already build lightmap? because, i had a similar issue once…^^
(i can see that your lighting needs to be rebuild, but maybe the error whas there beforce etc., thats why i ask)
So my advice: try and rebuild your lighting and see what happens :smiley:

Yes, light has been built (in case of the screenshots just with preview quality, hence the black markings on the drawers and such). So no, building the lighting does not have any impact on the issue. Preview quality, production quality… the issue remains always the same (I’ve tried also production quality).

ok, but you have to make sure that the message about the lighting rebuild doesnt show up (that was my problem, even if i just moved a mesh in a completly different part of the map… ^^)
maybe you could try to increase the shadow resoltion just as a test?

… I don’t believe it… I was so sure this would not make a difference. In fact, I run a rebuild just waiting for it to finish so I could tell you there was no difference.

However, exactly as you say: I’m making changes in a completely different part of the map so I don’t get how this can have an impact, but it does.

Anyhow: finally the issue is solved! Thanks so much!

By the way: If I wanted to try increasing the shadow resolution, where would I do this?

i am glad to hear that :smiley: As you can see: one mesh is enough to cause a headache ^^

Regarding the resolution: Click on the light you want to change and under the extended “light”-tab you will find “Shadow Resolution Scale”. But keep checking your framerate after you have made your change (i only use it rarely and when absolutly necessary because i don´t know the ressources it costs)