CryEngine licensed to...Amazon.

That’s not a lot, considering how much GameMaker got (a third of that, at $16 million), but Crytek should be back in the game as a result.

German news says Amazon made a regular, albeit heavy (50 to 70 million euro), license deal with them, not that Amazon bought the company. Your link doesn’t load here alas.

60 million $, so if amazon would use UE4 they would only be more expensive if they would have more than 1.2 billion $ revenue with their games. Will be interesting to see how they will make so much money with games. That’s more than Ubisoft :rolleyes:

Ha! The joys of being a mod. All mistakes/misunderstandings and typos erased from history. :slight_smile:

You’re right, it’s not a sale, but that is a LOT of money for a mere licensing deal. I can’t see the point of it unless they either got the engine, a license to use it forever, or a stake in Crytek.

Hehe. Well Im still happy to have my UE4 access. Without paying millions. :smiley:

Might CryTek live and prosper as well, they did invent stuff before, that’s not bad right?

Kotaku says that it is a kind of licensing for Amazon between 50-70 million dollars. People thik that it maybe for CGI movies at Amazon’s TV network.

Well all I pray to God is that may Amazon puts it’s own version of CryEngine out for indies with decent tutorials and community love, just like here.
Only then CryEngine’s potential will be truly unlocked in creators’ hands and my past 8 years won’t be in vain :smiley:

I hope Amazon learns from Epic.

EPIC is a great example of product-marketing and yes CryTek have much to learn. The problem is, that with the CryEngine subscription, you dont get the actual engine, only the “sandbox-editor”. Materials and source is locked. So I feel most thankful that EPIC give us the chance to use leading AAA tools, used by well known games and other purposes. And with MayaLT for asset-creation with a proper well-working export tool it is like having a complete productionpackage. In UnrealEngine, everything just works. EPIC have official weekly Twich-Streams and takes care of the community as well as the

I smell a, Crytek Asset Store? eh…
Anyway, not sure what magic Crytek did to force them pay that much for their AAA (Awesome And Abandoned) engine. Crytek might have been saved by making this deal, but probably in a couple years we’ll again hear them having financial problems because bad management is bad management no matter how many millions you throw at it.

Please don’t put salt on my wounds anymore. Ohh my youth years…snob snob

Yeah you are right. At this point I am looking at CryEngine as an " old hobby" more than a production solution. But after all these time it really hurts to see CryEngine in such a position, hence I really want some competent and self-aware company to pick it up and bring it back in it’s jaw dropping glory… this time with community love :slight_smile:

About that magic part. I bet they offered Cevat Yerli as a promotion to seal the deal.

Crytek: " Here we are also giving you one of the Yerli brothers to ensure your success. We have tree of’em anyhow."

Amazon:" Hell no ! Keep the brother ! You know what, I am paying 4 times more. Just keep that guy away from us ! "

I wish Crytek was in a better position, was reading over some of the news about unpaid employees,

I know nearly nothing about making CGI movies but I hope whatever Crytek does that they can mend and sustain themselves under Amazon’s umbrella.

It just really shows CryTek is in need of money badly. obligatory blue wizard needs food badly joke Although we already knew last year that CryTek employees had late paychecks. CryEngine has really bit a bullet before the deal though, Ryse:Son of Rome was a complete disaster for them. It only makes sense they would licence the engine for so much money.

Amazon Game Studios is a real company subsidiary. They even picked up various people from games like Portal, Left 4 Dead, even Far Cry 2. This means Amazon is really getting serious about games. I mean games are a bigger medium than movies. It only makes sense they would help out a dying company like CryTek. CryEngine is an amazing tech, it should not die and i think amazon feels the same.


MaxDev and TAN! Fancy seeing you two here. It’s DW from back on the old Crydev forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sort of interesting that it’s being licensed to Amazon imo. Though like Saxon said, AGS is A Thing. Wonder what sort of cool things Amazon’s going to make with it…

Holy tank-driving Jesus ! Hey mate, how have you been ! :smiley:

Yeah AGS is pointed out by many people out there about this news. But still… 70 million means there was quite a bit of extra deal we don’t know about it.

Been alright. Got stuck in the middle of moving a month and a half ago so I wasn’t around much. Also got a new PC that’s actually pretty good so I can do more gaming now. Been trying to get into streaming on Twitch too.

Yeah, for a deal that big there’s got to be something else to it. Maybe this is similar to what happened with Ubi and Far Cry? Amazon might’ve got a perpetual source license with the ability to really make the engine their own. Or maybe they licensed it for the renderer and are rolling their own systems around it?

I think this is great news. Crytek was hurtin’ and I didn’t want to see them go.

I’m inclined to agree with the Amazon TV speculation. Unlike Netflix, Amazon TV haven’t cared too much about quality so game-rendered CGI TV seem like a real possibility. People say that games are a bigger industry, and yeah - they are in terms of direct revenue, but Amazon clearly thinks there’s a lot of money in streaming too.

I have doubts Amazon will have anything to do with a public version of CryEngine though. For a start, Crytek still own the engine and will handle that themselves - but with Unity and Unreal dominating that market, there seems little value to them even trying anymore.

Seeing that Inspector Gadget got a CGI remake in 2015, I hope Amazon could do a remake of Reboot.

A Reboot of Reboot, that would be so awesome. Loved that series. I’m hoping for a Iron Giant remake myself.

Would love an Iron Giant remake, maybe even a spinoff of the place the Vin Diesal bot came from :slight_smile: