Cryengine 3 vs unreal engine 4.

I am a beginner end i want make a free game.I like c++ that the programming language of both engines.The question is:for a beginner,which one is better?If i buy the unreal engine 4 there is the risk that I abandon all for too complicated things?

Try them both.

In my personal opinion, cryengine is more for a seasoned team or small group, whereas ue4 is for anyone, a team, a person, small group. Cryengine has a lot of power, imo to use it properly you need a team of people that can work on specific things themselves like C++, art, ect. Although, I haven’t worked with cryengine in almost an entire year so things could have changed.

Ue4 is the best engine at the moment, imho. There is no other like it. Amazingly powerfully awesome.

I have not tried Cryengine myself, but I’ve seen many opinions on it being considerably more difficult than UE4.

CryEngine is way more difficult than UE4 indeed. However like Errvald said above, Try them both if you want to get into it more seriously.

I tried cryengine ages ago and found it quite difficult to use(especially as a beginner) but then I found UDK and after 10 mins of playing with UDk I deleted cryengine, if it was UE4 instead of UDK cryengine would have been deleted after 30 secs.

as others have said you should try both and find the one that’s best for you.

also if you get stuck or find something difficult to do in UE4 there is always the community to help you out, UE4 has the best forum and support:D

I personally found the cryengine really hard to learn and as smokey did it, I jumped right to UDK and now to the UE4, because in my opinion the interface is great, blueprints and a really awesome community! :slight_smile:

I think that i will buy the unreal engine 4.

Forget CryEngine, and go with UE4.

Dont go with Cryengine, really. Its INMENSELY more difficult to use in the programming side, you dont have blueprints, its more limited and the documentation is STILL awful. I used Cryengine for a year when FreeSDK released, and if you see my forum history there(im still vblanco there) you can see it going more and more dark as no one answers the questions and everything i try to code is limited or just 100% undocumented, when i got UE4 beta(rocket version) i was able to do much more after a week, than after almost 2 years with cryengine, and we didnt even had source code for the gameplay classes. Dont even try cryengine.
The only place where cryengine is better than UE4, is in the level design and dynamic lighting part, if you are working as a portfolio artist or simlar, then its fine, but dont expect to be able to code gameplay there easily.
(i know i sound as a huge cryengine hater, but its deserved after the year i wasted trying to make sense of cryengine and a hugely promising project died due to its utterly retarded licensing)

I think every Engine or even every tool has some time to get into. So I would try both

Having said that, I just think that UE4 is more streamlined and gets updated more regularly and has so far a very active user base and support from Epic. There is even really great tutorials to get you started concerning C++:

As a personal thing, I always push everyone who is new to the Engine through Hourences Tutorials. I know they cost something but definitely worth going into. Just gives you the basis of all the things that you might touch. At least you have tickered around with some of the tools within UE4 and you were given context how they are used.

Here a sneak peak: – The Solus Project

And here the real thing: – Videos – Index

Hope it helps.

You can create far better outdoor environments in CryEngine, take a look →

But the rest of the engine, and the community alongside with the main developers behind the CryEngine… just awful… forget the engine as soon as you can XD

Glad we switched to UE4 now! Definitely worth it… seing that latest CE EaaS model still has tons of bugs, bugs and … bugs! xD

Yep, totally agreeing to that! Word :slight_smile:

Compared to Unreal Engine 4, CRYENGINE is a pain in the ***. Really, programming was no fun at all. I was able to get stuff going in c++ and i learned a lot from their implementation of base classes that get instantiated with xml data.


  • UE4 c++ framework is just a lot cleaner and easier to use
  • Tools are way better and easier to use in UE4
  • Blueprints!
  • documentation, don’t even get me started with documentation.
  • Exposing c++ functionality to LUA scripts in Cryengine is just a mess. In UE4 the compiler handles that for you. Just mark your stuff with UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallalbe/BlueprintImplementableEvent) and you are good to go.

Cryengine still wins in realistic outdoor environments, I think, even though the new landscape demo on the marketplace is just mindblowing :stuck_out_tongue:

Something must have changed since I used it, as the no-one has mentioned the main problem. With UE4, you pay once, you get to keep the engine. With CE3, you can’t open the editor up unless you have a live subscription. I’ve also heard people criticise CE3 for being too FPS orientated, but it depends what you want it for. For me, that isn’t a criticism: you pick the right tool for the job. You don’t blame a screwdriver for being a bad hammer.

Anyway, CE3 is beautiful, but I bounced off it because the support just wasn’t there for someone of my (lack of) skill. Epic has this forum, AnswerHub, lots of free assets, a relaxed licence, official YouTube tutorials, unofficial YouTube tutorials, and the devs acting like the World’s Proudest Parents Ever.

CryEngine was intended for crysis modding… don’t ever intend to switch from UE4 to CE. That would be the badest decision of your life XD

this comment is totally useless for you paccoman, i fear (and apologize) ^^ but eh you asked so i say what i lived:
I had a look on udk in past and downloaded it and tried and had fun a lot trying to create funny things.
I had a look on skyrim mods which were really cool but i did not a lot with, i looked at cry / unity / torque / game maker and some others because i like create.
I am sure all of them are fair (if it was not true so much people would not have work with them to create games :wink: ) but i 've never feel what i feel with unreal so for me, epic is the only one “game engine creator” to have fun. i don’t know why, staff, community, a hidden batsignal… :stuck_out_tongue:

But eh you asked on ue4 forum : Your time to apologize! ^^

Hey! I’ve bought Cryengine Steam version 20-25 days ago.Its really powerful engine but,Its really really hard to learn engine.I think only Crytek can create games with CryEngine :smiley: so I surely cancel my subscription with Cryengine.I didn’t tryed UE4 yet but I ll try it soon.Dont go with CryEngine if you r a beginner like me.

UE4 editor is far more easier to learn and control, but still has many powerful tools (blueprints, material blueprints, animation blueprints).
CE3 is very old-stylish and not recommended for new developers (but still has some features which i would like to see in UE4 editor, for example camera speed and accelerating).

+UE4 full source code, which is very easy to compile, thx to own UnrealBuildTool.
+UE4 better growing community and feedback.
+UE4 has many basic examples almost for every feature, while CE3 has only forest map, which explains nothing.
+UE4 is very similar to Unity3D, for example Blueprints are very similar to Prefabs, so if you know Unity3D you will easily learn UE4.

BUT, CE3 still has more powerful landscape tools and water.

Almost forgot:
+UE4 has very powerful and useful Core library, instead of using STL or boost.

Today I will buy unreal engine 4!!!