Cryengien 5.3 vs unreal 4.14

With the release of CE 5.3. I want to know the main pros and cons to both form an experienced user perspective. especially rendering. user friendliness. featuers. Indoor vs outdoor. optimization,

I think the most important question right now is which company is still going to be supporting the engine in 12 months time.

It seems like CE is moving forward much faster.

With the news Crytek employees say they’re not being paid, again, I’m worried that CryEngine might die any month now. How many games are being released on CryEngine? Maybe 4-5 notable ones. Is that enough to keep the studio afloat?

I don’t think CryTek will be around for much longer because their focus on elitism made their business fail…
The ppl they are willing to lure (unity users) plain hate them, because of how CryTek didn’t care about them in the past.

Crytek management is like unity’s lightmapping = ****


Crytek management is like Unity’s features = simply not there.

maybe that’s the reason?

As others have mentioned, the largest concern with the CryENGINE V is the fear that Crytek might not be around long enough with their history of financial trouble. They can have the best engine in the world, but if developers don’t feel they can trust Crytek to still be around in a few years supporting the engine, Unreal and Unity will always be more appealing.

I personally love what Crytek is doing with their dynamic GI and their attempts to revamp some aspects of the engine that are notoriously user unfriendly, but there are aspects of it that still feel like it’s just not ready for most devs to start using when compared to its competition.

I’m not even certain how things would be handled if Crytek went under, maybe someone with more knowledge can enlighten me a bit. If Crytek shut down for any reason, what would even happen to those who are using the engine? Would the license still be valid with you being able to make and release a product, or would you need to start from scratch in a new engine regardless of how far along you are?

I personally like Crytek and their games, it would be sad to see them go down. Cryengine V is very impressive.

The engine licensing service will probably continue, they are failing to pay specifically the people working on their games departments and not engine development.
The worst could happen is the engine receiving no more updates, nothing would change much beyond that for licensees.
The big problem however is the unpaid employees will do all they can to trashtalk and publish bad marketing about the engine, because the company sucks, although the tech itself is somewhat good.
This has happened before, CryTek isn’t the first to go through this situation; most of the time the engine keeps going on after the game studio sinks.

Honestly. None of their games interest me. I feel like competition bettwen the companys would be a great thing. As long they keep pushing the engine like unreal does, i am happy. This is not about unreal of CE. This is about the future of gaming technologi.
Like unreal they have a great roadmap and some unique goals. I really hope the could pull throw the crysis

You guys have been saying the same things for the last 1-2 years, yet CE has become more accessible and indie friendly. Now with it’s own version of Blueprints too, C#, GI, more tutorials and much more.

They say that because CryTek really isn’t paying their people (again) just like ~2 years ago.

They have improved, surely. But other than free to download and use, its accessibility and (indie)friendliness still pales compared to Unity and UE4. The way C# and “blueprints” , or even GI, are implemented is not changing this with enough of an impact. Especially since the tutorials/documentation are still severely lacking with no sign of noteworthy improvements. Also; that community…

They need to do a hellofalot more work to make the engine more usable to the new crowd they intend to attract, and with the financial problems they have it remains to be seen…

What does CE do that makes it better than UE? AFAIK, most people like the licensing for CE, but IMO, if you are not willing to shell out the money when your game makes money, then are you serious about releasing?
Even Unity has it’s users pay them when they make a certain amount of money.

Ahhhh! I fell for the click bait… <smiles>


Trash talking former (or current) employers isn’t something that’s really conducive to a long and prosperous career in a relatively small industry, I very much doubt we’ll see that.

lol take a look at all the new 1 star ratings at glassdoor website…


I find CryEngine hard to use, you should try it yourself to get the best opinion.

Don’t mess with people’s paychecks and financial well being. They will say the truth, and no one is going to blame them for it.

Former Crytek Employee Is Crowdfunding To Sue The Studio (the campaign link is showing up as dead, but the cached version of the page says Campaign is complete and no longer active.)

What the hell are premium IPs? And the last time they had financial issues, they said that they were going to focus only on F2P titles.