Crumbling Ruins Mesh Set

This is something I’m developing that will eventually end up in the marketplace, Epic willing.

The idea being that you can put together the ruins of a building or dungeon in your game space. It’s old, it’s crumbling, and it more hints at what it used to be more than trying to BE something specifically.

I have a lot more to do here … there’s a whole other set of meshes I need to sculpt and bake … but these are the beginnings! I’ll update this thread as work progresses.

Let me know if you have feedback or comments or whatever! I’m loving working on this so far…


Looks really cool!
Do you already know how many tris you will use for the final meshes? + add some moss to the texture :slight_smile:

Not sure on triangle counts yet but I’m shooting for medium-low … not super low, but not too heavy either.

And there will be multiple material choices, no worries!

Nice, looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Tonight’s update…


Really nice!

Looks quite good so far. Are these going to be separate meshes or will you include some prefabs for walls, stairways and such? And like previously mentioned, adding some moss would be great!

keep them coming. very interested in these !

Kind of a mix. There will be lots of prefabbed pieces, but I’ll include generic building blocks as well so you can get freeform with it.

Took a step backwards today and did a bunch of lightmap re-jiggering and reworked the textures some. I made a few new pieces tho … AND I have a better plan for moving forward so tomorrow it’s onwards in a big way!



Got my last set of meshes done today - the “bars and boards” set. This should complete all the creation stuff, now I just need to assemble as many pieces from these as I can. Should be fun!

First shot is a look at all the components I have to work with. Second shot is me starting to put them together into a complete scene.



Looks awesome! On the incomplete inner ring of the back arch in that last picture, how does it stay up without support? :slight_smile: Keep up the great work.

Magic. Magic, everywhere…

yes, any cement?

I wasn’t planning on it but I could do something maybe … I’ll see. I like the way it looks as-is … but I could maybe include optional cement cores for the various pieces.

a /dungeon set in this style would be awesome

Progress … gotta speed up!


Looking good.

Just a value added tip what ever you make as demo/map components convert them to a prefab that can be selected from the browser. That way the user can just select what you had already made and make use of it with out having to assemble it themselves from the component parts.

This way you could have dozen of ready to use map object built from a few dozen parts.

One other thing I’d request is some combined meshes - although we can use instanced static meshes, there are drawbacks to that, and not doing it would mean a ton of draw calls for any significantly large area.

Awesome pack :slight_smile:

Just a personal suggestion as well, but I’d love to see some obsidian obelisks in a pack like this.

Absolutely, and good note.


For sure, there will be a selection of small meshes as well as larger combined ones. I’m mentally referencing the sort of stuff we used on Gears and UT and all that throughout the years.