Crumbling Ruins Mesh Set

With some Rusty Bent Steel Beams & Barb and it could double as a Modern Ruins Pack.


Nice! Really liking this pack. Keep it up :slight_smile:

How big is the difference between 50 bricks(50 instances) and the wall made within 50 bricks(1 static mesh).

50 bricks would be 50 draw calls … the single static mesh is a single draw call. So, it’s worth it to have options …

I get a strong Torchlight feel from those pics, which is a good thing :slight_smile: Looking at your work makes me want to try out Modo again. I think Blender’s control scheme has ruined me for other programs.

very nice !

Did some new stuff and jammed together a little test diorama for fun. LOVING the PreComputedAOMask that UE4 added recently. All that green moss? Totally procedurally driven via the AO in the scene after you rebuild lighting.


Still on track to finish the set this weekend…



I dont know what you talking about, but i understand three things:
First, is something is driven by type of light which is might be bad; second, is this thing can be turned off easily, i might want to build desert type of environment and those are useless and last, seems like you can add cement with those.

Sure, I’ll make the moss texture a parameter … make it sand, moss, whatever … or turn it off entirely. :slight_smile:

EDIT : BUT to explain it a little more techy … basically, Epic added a neat feature where the lighting rebuild results can talk to your material and tell you where the mesh is occluded. So, dark corners and such. You can then use that information, like a mask, to add effects like I’ve done here with the moss. It’s cool because it isn’t baked into the mesh or into the textures … it’s entirely dependent on how you place the meshes in your level.

For the fun of it, I made it a parameter and put some sand in … bam! :slight_smile:

[screenshot removed]

thats not looks like a sand.

Well, you can turn it off then. There will be options.

I think this screen is misleading,it doesn’t look like sand, it looks like there’s a huge fantasy shiny gold pile behind the wall. (I think it has to do with lighting, or lack of)

Apologies, I removed the sand screenshot. I wanted to show you could swap out the moss texture easily but I don’t want it to distract too much from the thread. I’ll post another shot when I’ve refined the effect to a better level.

Thanks for the feedback!

Another day, another update … Zeroing in on that finish line tho.

Just a few more pieces to make and then I need to grind through collision and all that…




Final WIP update … I got up to 97 pieces. 3 shy of what I wanted but whatever. Close enough. :slight_smile:

Now begins the less fun part of the process … collision, lightmap tuning, etc. The actual work part, in other words.




Looks great!

Just 97!? 100 or nothing!!!

i think you should stop posting pics as pics and left them as links, topic takes ages to load from mobile and kinda too much to scroll.

yes we want 3 more :wink: