Crowd Manager AI vs real Flocking, Boids and config


I read somewhere, Crowd Manager is Flocking simulation - it is, I’m using it however still a lot of question even basic, mostly about right config.

Few boids key rules:

  1. Boids try to fly towards the centre
    of mass of neighbouring boids
    - this working in Crowd Manager? How to setup this, what setting in Crowd Manager is responsible?
  2. Boids try to keep a small distance away from other objects (including other boids). How can I setup this distance in Crowd Manager?
  3. Boids try to match velocity with near boids. I think, it not need additional settings, but it works in UE CM?
  4. What other boids behaviors are implemented in Crowd Manager?
  5. How I can setup minimal distance between agents/boids?

Here some reference sites to my question:

Also I read this topic and still Crowd Manager is not clear for me - maybe I’m slow :smiley: All doc’s about are too limited for me too.

Maybe is somewhere better explanation or you can post it here - thank’s!

I’m trying to study fish boids from Epic Garden (installing now) but I don’t think here will be any documentation how it works, maybe come clues.

Any help appreciated, I think this is general important question - thank you.


Just open fish bp in Epic Garden. Is very interesting, but cleaning it in future updates would be great - here a lot of broken nodes like this:

Still great source!

I have a same question.
How to force each agents.
Is there any setting?.. like bigger separation power between each agent.