Crowd AI Controller - capsule collision

Hello Gods of UE4!

So Im using crowdAIcontroller, my AI is having trouble to walk over another dead AI, when the AI gets killed, Im setting collision disable to capsule and mesh, and additionally setting the capsule to ignore collision response to all channels. Theres no other item with collision set in the actor.

The AI doesnt get stuck, but looks like its really hard to find the path, and it goes really slow over the dead body.

Mesh is set to can ever affect navigation to true

Capsule is set to can ever affect navigation to false

If I use a normal AI controller it works as expected, the AI can pass over the dead body with no problems.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you in advance!

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as I had no help from the UE4 Gods, I had to figure it out myself, so the node (Detach from Controller Pending Destroy) fixed my problem.

Using normal AI Controller there was no need for it, but with Crowd AI Controller, even after destroying the capsulle, or setting it to no collision to all channels, the capsule was still being avoided by others AI.