Crouching with Vr

How do i go about with the Vr i have the head tracking working so i can move my head, but when i have crouching animation set the camera doesn’t follow. So what I end up with is the character crouching and im staying at the same position, i can make it jump from point A to point B but I don’t know how to make a smooth transition to get the camera following the animation. Thank You for any advice im using the Vr Template.

I think instead you should have the crouching animation play when you trigger actual crouching in real-life. Once HMD overlaps a certain bounds on your character (a little above crouching level) then trigger the animation.

I agree. Let the headset trigger the transition, not the controller. Just watch the headset/camera’s Z and when it dips below whatever number you come up with off the ground that indicates crouching then trigger the animation but the headset will already be there.