Crosshair/view pulled down when I scope

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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Hi everyone. I wasn’t playing fortnite for a long time, today I reinstalled it on a new laptop and I’m experiencing a very annoying problem. The crosshair/the visual is moving automatically down with no reason every time I scope while sprinting or as soon as I start to sprint after scoping. Did anyone of you have this bug?
I tried on my old laptop, so in game settings the same, but it’s not happening… I really can’t understand what is the problem. It’s normal when I shoot while sprinting but when I scope the crosshair goes down.
I experience this problem in all fortnite, not only creative
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Steps to Reproduce

Sprinting and suddenly scope crosshair/view goes down
Scoping and then start sprinting crosshair/view goes down

Expected Result

I think there is a problem in game between scoping and sprinting. I tried with mk and controller but it’s always the same so I don’t think it’s a problem of input devices

Observed Result

Shooting while sprinting the crosshair remain fix, as soon as I try to scope automatically my view is pulled down




Please, how did you fixed it?