Crosshair Gif style

Hi there!!!

So i have my crosshair, it changes depending what im looking to.

One of the crosshairs, well, i want it to be an animated crosshair; like a… gif crosshair. So if its an arrow, i want it to be an arrow then two arrows, than again one arrow… and such.

Is this possible?

I have tryied many things with no luck.

Right now, i have the working image with one arrow unders a canvas, under overlay and as a image.
I change images for my crosshairs with Set active index.

Any idea please?

Thank you!!

Edit: i already tryied the flipbook texture material thing. With no luck, as my texture there appears totally white (its an arrow surrendered by alpha).
The image in the UMG show ok, but not in a material…

Already solved this.

For anyone looking for this, i finally used the flipbook material.

You need tu use a image with blackground color black, and set it to aditive :slight_smile:

mmm now i have a problem…

My crosshair is affected by the lighting ingame.

Depending on the light, it shows whaed out.
See attached screenshot. As you can see, when it has a very illuminated object behind, it loses color…




^You should use Unlit for the Crosshair material. Unlit makes the Material unaffected by lighting.
Also make sure that your Crosshair is not additive.

Hey thanks again for your help.
Im using it as additive yes, but thats the way it seems to be working (i saw some tutos and they did this way). The other modes (opaque and such) wont work (thet show the black background of the image)

I cant unlit the material because i need to be it Material Domain=“User interface” , or it wont let me use it for the UMG. And as “user interface” material, it does not give you the option to lit/unlit…