Cross Platform Development - Editor File Generation

I do a lot of development on both windows and mac based computers, the project i am presently working on was created on a Windows computer using the blank C++ project. Visual studio files show up fine and that works. However when attempting to take this project to a MAC computer I am unable to open this in xcode as there are no appropriate xcode project files.

Is there a way to get the editor to generate these files?

Where do i right click the uproject file?

In finder i don’t see a generate option. (I expected this)

I thought that there would be an option under the file menu to generate the xcode project files but I don’t have an option there like I do on windows.

You need to generate them, you can generate them by right clicking uproject and in context menu you should find it option for it, i know it in sub menu in Mac once give you options how to open the file

Keep in mind VS and Xcode project files are just for code editing, they not needed to build the code as UE4 use it own build system called UBT which ignores project files and use own build scripts instead.

I found it, thanks

It was under the Services -> section in finder on osx 10.10