Cross-Platform and / or HTML 5 Multiplayer


I’m currently exploring the possibility of setting up a scenario where the core game runs on a server, but can be interacted with in a lightweight way using a device such as an Android tablet or via a browser.

One option we’re considering is to have an HTML 5 application that can be accessed by multiple players simultaneously - is this something that’s possible in UE4, and if so, how would one go about setting such a thing up? It seems to me like this isn’t something that UE4 presently caters for, since it’s built around the idea of either local multiplayer (single device, multiple controllers) or server-client direct network multiplayer.



So i assumed you want use HTTP for game that requires less traffic, UE4 intrnally support HTTP and even

There also plugin adding that support to blueprint:

Keep in mind HTTP is only good for request-responce kind of solution, if might consider sockets if you want more bidirectional communication, UE4 support that too

I’m not sure if there any blueprint solution for that

I could write my own networking using HTTP, but I’d like to avoid having to do that and use as much out-of-the-box stuff as possible. Socket based networking would be nice, but I’m not sure how an HTML application would work in this regard - am I still reduced to writing my own networking code?

I’m not sure what has to do with any of this, could you elaborate?

There nothing wrong with going “out of the box”, UE4 has only full replication system as you noticed, if you want to so something beyond that you need to code it

“I’m not sure what has to do with any of this, could you elaborate?”

I assumed looking for other multiplier sollusions around HTTP, is probably most popular for non-HTML HTTP based communications. Maybe try to explain more about your game and how multiplayer works in it and how you would use HTTP in it (as i assume you got some plan),

We’re on 3 week sprints, so I’d like to avoid having to write my own networking when there are other things that also need doing.

HTTP isn’t necessary, nor is reducing bandwidth. I’m more concerned about multiplatform behaviour between different devices.