Cross-eyed effect in VR on Oculus/Radeon

I’m still trying to track down what exactly this is and what is causing it, but I have 2 reports from users saying that when they boot up my VR game they have a weird cross eyed effect with hands and HUD on a “different layer.”

“I tried playing the game but the stereoscopic 3D is so off that i’m not seeing a single image but two as if i’m crosseyed, and it’s super discomforting. I can look at the huge hands, and hud just fine they seem to be on a different layer.”

The other person described this as everything being a “bubble” but when he read the other user’s comment he confirmed that it sounded like what he was experiencing.

I’ve not yet managed to wrangle a SteamVR mirror video of this bug, unfortunately, but these two people do have hardware in common. Both of these users are on Oculus, and both are using Radeon R9 Series graphics cards.

I suspect this issue is unique to 4.18 as I upgraded from 4.17 last week. Will post more info here as I get it.


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