Cross border (Non UK but inside EU) VAT treatment for business purchases.

Hi, I read a few old threads but found no correct procedure to this.
When a VAT registered entity like my small business buys services or products from another EU country the seller should charge 0% VAT (ie take it out of the price). This works with all entities that are not registered in your country. I do this with Amazon, Adobe, Autodesk etc.

I need to provide legit VAT number to the seller and then they take out the VAT that they would have charged from a retail buyer.

**How can I file my VAT number with Epic so that we can do transactions correctly? **

This is not some kind of a scheme but they way business between companies is ruled out to work. If I was buying from within my own country I would pay the VAT, file it to the Taxman and get a refund for the VAT expense.

*please I kindly ask that if you are not familiar with topic please refrain from posting and misdirecting this topic.

You can request a VAT invoice for your purchases here: VAT Invoice Request - Formstack

With that invoice, you should be able to get a refund from your local tax office (not sure if that actually works in the UK though).

As far as I am aware there is no way to tell Epic to directly deduct the VAT from the purchase price directly (which actually would be the correct way like you mentioned). Maybe the process mentioned above works for you.

Doesn’t work like that internationally. I can only get refund from domestic VAT invoices. International should be at 0% rate.
But looks like they don’t care.