Crontroller Tracking info to pivot a real chair

Hello guys and gals,

I’m looking to information that would let me track a real chair in unreal.

I would like to overlay the VR Photogrammetry mesh of the chair onto the actual thing so the surfaces align at scale (VR with Real world), then be able to spin the chair.
I know I can connect shapes to the Controllers. I guess what I would like is to replace this with the Chair Mesh but offset the pivot point of the controller so instead of it spinning on it’s own
axis, I could affix it to the back/top of the chair and use it as the marker for the chair animation.

Does anyone have any tips for this? I know it might not be a common use thing. Hopefully I can blueprint this?


I also looking for Chair-VR experinece, I looking for tilting moving chair experience, but I can’t find any info, even here everyone just skipped it, seems like the Unreal engine doesn’t support external data outputs.

This is fairly easy with Vive Tracker. All you need to do is attach the Tracker to the actual chair, then create bp with the chair model from photgrammetry.