CRITICAL - Unable to Update UEFN Maps due to Server Lag / Rubber Banding.

Since publishing my map in v25.10 I can’t stop getting Rubber Banding / Lag on my UEFN map in Matchmaking ONLY.

This bug is not able to replicated or even present in the edit session but only matchmaking with players.
I can no longer physically not update my map without drastically killing performance, to the point my player base and play time dropped by 3/4 when the island published in v25.10 went live.
The only changes i’ve made is remove the zippiness poles, added 2 guns and adjusted the vehicles spawners.

Now i’ve had to reverted back to a version published in v25.00. Ideally id like to update my map at some point though.

Rubber Banding in v25.10 evidence… clip 1 and 2 show the evidence that the rubber banding is present in the island when in matchmaking into a version published after v25.10. Please note this issue is harder to notice the less players that are in the game and requires a few to feel the affect. Clip 4 shows minimal affect when on my own.
Clip 3 was recored in v25.10 by reverting back to the island but originally published and approved in v25.00. The v25.00 update does not experience any rubber banding even when playing in v25.10.

Clip 1 - Server Lag / Rubber Banding - Max Setting v25.10

Please forward this ASAP!

Clip 2 - Server Lag / Rubber Banding - Low Setting v25.10

Clip 3 - The UEFN Map Published in v25.00

Clip 4 Matchmaking v25.10 lag no present with only 1 player

Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here: Fortnite Creative

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will do