Critical - Session Keeps Disconnecting After Pushing Changes

It appears that everytime I compile and push changes to my verse device, my session disconnects and becomes unresponsive when pressing the button in my Verse script. This causes me to be unable to end my creative game in UEFN and in the Fortnite menu. Restarting UEFN and Fortnite is the only way to fix this. I’m not entirely sure what’s causing this issue.

Attached is my script:
hello_world_device.verse (5.6 KB)

Attached is a video before the issue happens:
2022-12-18 19-43-58.mkv (15.0 MB)

Attached is a video of the issue I’m facing
2022-12-18 19-46-13.mkv (15.1 MB)

Hey there @xCUBDd. I’ve taken note of this and when the team gets back we’ll look into this. Thanks.

Same here,

always when I stop the playsession, instead of going back to creative mode it ends the session and I have to start it over again from the editor, it costs a lot of time, especially when I just try out small changes.

I also expierence the session disconnection to EUFN when I push verse changes. I have to push level/scene push (which also adds the verse changes) to make my workflow quicker but still slow