(Critical) "Paste here" action corrupts content if you have live edit open for a while

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

What Type of Bug are you experiencing?

Live Edit


I ve had this happen many many times now, and it is unfathomable how destructive this issue is. It causes me to rebuild areas twice when it randomly happens. Live edit causes devices with custom meshes to lose their links to them and then cause validation issues. This can happen on anything, guards, switches, decals, audio players, anything that has a link to content browser is affected and it can even destroy architecture if the repro is right.

This is a hard issue to repro, steps below may not always work, so keep that in mind. I don’t know exactly what causes it, I just know that if you leave live edit desynced and open for long, all these issues start to pop up because the two editors truly desync and Live edit is affecting UEFN in a wrong way.

Steps to Reproduce

Assign a hotkey for “Paste here” in UEFN
Place a switch and assign it two custom meshes
Open live edit
Copy the switch in UEFN and paste it using “paste here”
This will desync Live edit.
Now leave both editors open for at least an hour.
Press the button to sync changes.

Expected Result

UEFN syncs changes and runs live edit

Observed Result

UEFN fails validation and switches have lost their custom meshes.