Creating VR Project Stuck At 39%?

Good day,

Using 4.25 I can create any project besides VR in seconds. But creating a VR template gets stuck at 39%

I’m a beginner but I use to dabble around though out the year and I never had this problem. After seeing UE5 I got hyped and wanted to create but I have encountered the problem above.

Could it be something else I have installed?

I’ve searched around and seen to just “Wait it out” which I will try, but this has to be a bug. I didn’t create Crysis in VR, I shouldn’t have to wait that long for a fresh template as I have created VR projects before no problem.

Anyone found a solution?

You can convert a non VR project to VR if you encountering problems with the builtin VR template. Try this and see if it helps. Have a look at my recent tutorial for the settings.

It’s most likely not stuck. Just wait for 10-20 minutes.

Does unreal launch a VR runtime when it opens (e.g. SteamVR?) Are you allowing that runtime to run or closing it?

Something else you can do is generate the VS project files , then launch the editor through VS and attach a debugger to monitor processes started by the launcher.

I had the same issue. Just create a blank non-VR project and add the VR feature pack.

ive been waiting 9 hours and its still stuck at 39%

If you open Task Manager, and select the CPU performance graph, what does it look like?


Same problem here. Just sits at 39%. No raytracing, scalable, no starter content. If I open an earlier version, it creates in less than a minute. So I tried creating it in an older version and then opening it in 4.25.3 - stuck at 39%.

So I had to go to defaultengine.ini and just rename it to “.defaultengine.ini” and bam, it opened right up.