Creating the impression of a huge object


I would appreciate it if someone could give me advice on how to create an impression of a huge object size, in this case a planet that is viewed from orbit. Is there a way to make it that the object does not “move” or rotate in relation when the player moves. In other words, when the player would walk a long distance, it can be seen that the relation to the object changes, making it seem small. In example what I am trying to achieve is that one could walk thousands of miles and the moon would still look just the same. Simply making the object massive in size does not seem to be the best option as it starts to lag when its of sufficient size and it would have to be very detailed as not to show edges. So is there a way to disable the “rotation updating” in regards to the player?


As far as i know the best way to do this is using skyboxes.

In the past you were able to create even a skybox with 3d meshes inside like planets and so. but now most of them are just 6 imagess probably cause of eficiency.
btw there should be posible to do it like that cause it gives you some sort or better contro. I cant tell you mucho more right now cause im new to ue4 too. Iv been using unreal
to make levels for Unreal Tournament G.O.T.Y so i did i in there ut thing changed a lot. Hope being at least little usefull, :smiley:

I opted for the massive mesh approach, it works great for my purpose and I have not noticed any lag at all. I’m not sure what the tri count is on the mesh though, it certainly retains its spherical appearance.

You can always update position (not rotation) of these big objects to the players position + offset, this way they’ll be always in the same distance.
For visual impression of big objects (when using big meshes) use atmospheric fog, it’s one of the main factor that gives objects’ distance/‘largeness’ impression.

This indeed seems to be a very useful approach for what I am trying to do now. Could somebody please tell me how I could achieve this with Blueprints, to update position of the object? I would also appreciate how to also update rotation which I would use for a glow shader. This would be very helpful if someone could tell me how to do it, I couldn’t find any pre-existing guides how to achieve this.