Creating Rivers

Hello all! Is it currently possible to create rivers similar to the one shown in the video below preferably using splines? It also needs to flow in a direction.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

It is possible:

  1. create the way, where the river goes, with the landscape tool
  2. create a river plane mesh -> or use the spline tool
  3. create the material -> with a flow map
  4. assign the material to the river plane mesh

Using splines is interesting, but the flow won’t take into account the width etc at any one time, relative speed etc. A visually better but more development intensive process is to create specific geometry and bake out a flow map. Not an easy task though.

Splines would be a great method though, I must try that myself at some point.

You can use different meshes/materials at different segments of the spline so you can have some sort of variety in flow speed if you hide the seams at spline points with rocks and stuff.

Hello all! Thanks for all the replies. I went into 3DS , created a 50x50 plane (with units set to centimeters), exported it, bought it into Unreal Engine, selected all my spline segments and used the plane. I am now using a material override to change the material. Next, up is creating a water material. I’ll worry about flow direction later. The plane also resizes itself based on the spline. I’ll post the results later! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a way to get spline control points through blueprints? I’ll even create a C++ function if I have to.

UPDATE: Does anyone know of a way to get an editor mode?

Not possible with landscape splines, but we’ll have independent spline components with 4.3. You can get the preview build from GitHub if you dont want to wait.

I kind of achieved what I wanted with landscape splines, but I’ll be downloading the 4.3 preview soon. Although, my water material is horrible. lol