Creating realistic fur with physics

What is the best method for equipping your mesh with fur for UE4? I am looking for photorealistic results. Also, is it possible to add physics to the fur so it can react to movement in game? Right now I have a fox that I rendered with Fur using Hair and Fur modifier in 3DS Max 2013. I know there is NeoFur, but will that give me the realistic results I am looking for?

Neofur is your best bet. Unfortunately, they are in transition and no longer selling licenses. You can always buy the Advanced Fur Shader currently on sale for $10 and see if it does what you need.


If you are modelling in Blender, then you can forget about TressFX (there is no exporter from Blender, or i wasn’ able to find it ) there is exporter for Hairworks

Awesome, I will be going with Hairworks! Thanks for the links. It looks great and easy to implement. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in Engine.

You can also try parallax occlusion mapping. It can make things look fuzzy. It just wont have physics.

I have advanced fur shader, and I was wondering if anyone knew where any documentation/tutorials for it were.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just bought it from the sale so I didn’t get a chance to play around with it. But @Antidamage is really active on the forums and he’ll be able to point to the docs

Okay, so I went through the tutorial for Hairworks, and I tried importing my mesh (the FBX file) and the Hairworks file (APX file), but I wasn’t able to (import the APX) because I can’t figure out how or why you need a “bone”? I created the fur for my model using Hair and Fur modifier in 3DS Max. Can somebody explain this to me?

Hit me up on the support email address mate, I’ll get you sorted.

This is a cool thing to learn about creating a realistic fur with the Physics. Thanks for an excellent post!