Creating or working around hair?

Hi people.

I have made a character in Blender, which i then import to UE4. However it doesn’t import any hair, even if i make it into a mesh.
I have searched around, and it seems that this is a common problem, and that there really isn’t any solution to import hair from blender.

How do you move around to get hair and beards on your characters, unless UE4 only work with bald people ^^

Wallet’s a bit thin, do don’t have the luxury of investing in other programs on a monthly fee.

Kind regards.

The easiest solution would be simply to use planes. There’s plenty of information to be found on that, including a video in the following thread: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?13503-Good-Approach-for-Creating-Hair&highlight=hair+planes

Edit: Here’s a direct link to the video (it’s demonstrated using Maya, but can be easily accomplished in any software): ?v=6Wi4-fdeYyM

Here is another useful link about hair: https://udn.epicgames/Three/CreatingHairUsingAlpha.html :slight_smile:

Phew. Another thing to learn :stuck_out_tongue: Although being able to import a standard har particle setting would be easier. Hope they are working on it.

Thank you both for the help so far :slight_smile:

Although i have been experimenting with converting the hair to a mesh, and then extracting it to create a plane. Just gies a high poly count.

It should be noted that if you plan to use an alpha, make sure it’s high-resolution. Forward rendering isn’t really there yet, so soft alphas and translucency don’t allow for realistic lighting. Only masked materials allow for this, but they tend to look awful and jagged. Depending on the art style, you might get the best results sculpting out “clumpy” hair, like Fortnight or Rock Band. But that kind of hair is decidedly somewhat cartoonish.