Creating non-tiling ocean material from noise, problem with PerturbNormalHQ

I am trying to make a non-tiling ocean, which primarily are shown from a medium/far distance, atleast never really closeup. I should mention that I am a newbie at making Unreal materials.

This is where I am right now:

With some luck, I actually managed to make something that looks like an ocean:

The problem is that these material functions, PreoarePerturbNormalHQ/PerturbNormalHQ is making the ocean very grainy. Also when zooming a little bit in on it, strange lines that looks like artifacts appear.

1: Is there a way to make the results of these material functions render clean?


2: Is there are better and more controllable way to make ocean from a noise map (with similar results as above)?

Take a look at this

Particularly what RyanB says.

I don’t know much about panning noise nodes, but you don’t have what he mentions there.

Thank you for the answer,

Though I don’t have a problem with the panning of the noise. The material is still grainy/pixelated even with no animation, and also the animated noise looks clean when testing it as albedo, or using different normal methods (like NormalFromFunction).

I have been playing a bit with NormalFromFunction instead of PerturbNormal, but I have not been able to make anything close to the “Ocean look” which I got from the PerturbNormal. I am sure it is possible, I just don’t have the skills yet.

Can you do a quick vid of the look? Is it much better than 4waychaos?

Here is a video:

However, it is not the ocean animation itself that is the problem, its the grainy artifact lines that appear “over” it.

I’m guessing the graininess is something to do with the noise node, and scaling ( possibly? ).

The finished result is not very different from a normal map and 4way chaos, mind you.

After more reading, it is clear that I am not using the PerturbNormal functions for what they are originally intended for.

Afaiu, this is the main issue:

It was just sheere luck the usage of this material function looked like the ocean I wanted.

Back to the drawing board, probably have to figure out NormalFromFunction.

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